Tavola Swiss Cap Store Parco Holder for 24 Dolce Gusto Capsules

The capsule dispenser Parco from Tavola Swiss is perfect for storing up to 24 Dolce Gusto capsules and is made of quality shiny stainless steel wire. It offers 4 compartments for up to 6 Dolce Gusto capsules each and has a felt bottom to protect surfaces. The capsule dispenser has a 360° rotatory construction, which enables you to choose and take the right capsule in a second. Capsules not included. Capsule dispenser For 24 Dolce Gusto capsules 4 tubes for 6 capsules each Extremely robust Quality shiny stainless steel wire (chrome) Rotatory Easy storage and extraction Modern and timeless design Felt bottom to protect surfaces Easy cleaning Measures: 32 cm high, 11 cmLieferumfang:1 Tavola Swiss Capsule Dispenser Capstore Parco 24, Disc Spender, for 24 Dolce Gusto Capsules

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