WMF Manaos / Bistro Coffee Measure

This WMF Bistro Coffee Measure is the perfect scoop for your coffee container. Made of high quality stainless steel with a high gloss polished finish, WMF’s Bistro line features a … Continue reading


Cuisinart DCC-CS Coffee Scoop

Cuisinart DCC-CS Coffee Scoop


Cuissential Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop, 1.3 Tablespoons

This coffee spoon is a simple addition to your lineup that makes it easy to scoop up beans during your coffee ritual. The spoon is long enough to reach the … Continue reading


Tablecraft Coffee Scoop, Stainless Steel 2 Table Spoon

Coffee scoop, stainless steel with mirror finish, 2 tbsp bowl on long handle, perfect for coffee shops or home use


Bronze Retro Vintage Palace Style Decorative Coffee Tea Spoon Scoop Crown

Drug-free plating and paint, suitable for a coffee spoon, seasoning spoon A Gift for your friend


Metal Morphosis Rooster Coffee Scoop with Wall Hook

Rise and shine every time you scoop your coffee with these lovely coffee scoops and coordinating wall hooks. You’ll never search again for your scoop and friends and family will … Continue reading


Stainless Steel Double Espresso Coffee Scoop Measure

Editorial Review Description: Unique dual scoop Measures single (1 Tbl.) or double (2 Tbl.) shots of ground espresso or coffee. Made of solid 18 10 stainless steel. .This coffee Measure … Continue reading


K-cup Refill Scoop

Refill your K-Cup or Keurig coffee cups using this handy coffee scoop and your own coffee. Two scoop will fill your K-Cup. Save money and the land fills. DIY k … Continue reading


Fox Run Coffee Measure Scoop

Keep this handy coffee scoop right in your can of ground coffee. Measures 2 tbsps. Stainless steel.


Tupperware Coffee Scoop (for Coffee House Canisters)

Tupperware Coffee Scoop with rubber tip for separating coffee filters. White with gray tip, about 5 inches long. Holds about 1 Tablespoon.