Jura 7520 Claris Water Care Cartridge

The Claris Water Cartridge reduces water hardness up to 75% and eliminates decalcifying. It removes (if present) up to 85% Chlorine, up to 90% lead, up to 95% copper and … Continue reading


Jura Descaling Tablets 30 Pack [Kitchen]

Product expiration date: There is a chance you may receive a product with an expired date. Jura has confirmed that these come from overseas (Europe) and are required to have … Continue reading


Pallo Caffeine Wrench

This Multi-Function Barista Tool has a host of functions. Can be used as a portafilter basket pry and thermometer calibrator. The tool has a soft group gasket probe and a … Continue reading


Jura 70878 Cool Control Basic Compact Milk Cooler for Espresso Machine, 34-Ounce

Jura presents Cool Control Basic 34-Ounce, a larger version of this advanced compact milk cooler. It functions as a mini refrigerator to store and chill milk right on the countertop, … Continue reading


Bunn 02722.0000 LID, POUR-IN RECT-SST



Bunn 03093.0002 Black Faucet Wing Nut

Bunn 03093.0002 Black Faucet Wing Nut, Bunn offers profitable, reliable beverage equipment and outstanding post-purchase support wherever customers are served.


Jura 63801 Auto Cappuccino Concentrate, 250 ml

When you froth and steam, little milk droplets will stay inside the frothXpress Plus or the Dual Frother. You don’t have to take them apart every time you use them … Continue reading


Intenza Mavea Water Filter for Gaggia Espresso Machines- Double Pack

The state-of-the-art Mavea Intenza Water Filter removes copper, lead, chlorine and other impurities to help prolong the life of your espresso machine and deliver great tasting beverages. This filter is … Continue reading


Urnex Dezcal Activated Descaler, 1-Ounce Packets, 100-Count

Dezcal Activated Scale Remover is specifically formulated to effectively descale hot water tanks and components of coffee and espresso machinery. By removing mineral deposits which clog and impair brewing equipment, … Continue reading


Tavola Swiss Cap Store Parco Holder for 24 Dolce Gusto Capsules

The capsule dispenser Parco from Tavola Swiss is perfect for storing up to 24 Dolce Gusto capsules and is made of quality shiny stainless steel wire. It offers 4 compartments … Continue reading